The Third Annual Turkic Cultural Day in Vermont State House

Arts and politics might not seem an obvious combination but the leaders of the politics and fine arts along with the education and civic society leaders met at Vermont State House to celebrate the third Traditional Turkish Cultural Day.

Guest of honor Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell delivered a speech about his experiences from his trip to Turkey last year hydrochlorothiazide 50 mg to the valuable participants. He stressed out the distinctive contrubution of the Turkish socitey to the state. He also mentioned that he is happy to be attending to a law conference next month viagra alternatives in india in Turkey.

Followed by the national anthemes, Secretary of State Jim Condos gave a speech. Greek origin Condos stated that he is attending for the first time to the Turkish day activities and pointed vardenafil indian brands out how impotant is the constructive effects of the various cultures to the US culture.

Ebruzen Hümeyra Özcan presented an art performance at the event.

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